Focus RS MK2 Ultimate Intercooler Kit


As the name suggests… This is The ULTIMATE in intercooling for the Focus RS MK2.
Developed and extensively tested our ultimate kit is a straight forward fit with no cutting or modification required.
Parts supplied in the kit;
  • Ultimate intercooler complete with air duct
  • Cold side alloy pipe (70mm)
  • Throttle body hose
  • Intercooler to cold side pipe hose
  • Clips x 4
  • Horn re-mount bracket
  • Nuts and bolts.
The OEM hose/alloy pipe arrangement from the turbo to intercooler does fit straight on, However this cooler will benefit from fitting our optional Turbo side pipe kit.
This Turbo Side Pipe Kit eliminates all the restrictions created by the standard boost pipe tract whilst offering added strength and reliability to higher boost applications
This kit includes Turbo to intercooler pipe, both silicone hoses and all stainless steel hose slips needed. Replacing the restrictive steel 50mm link pipe with a full length lightweight alloy pipe with 63mm bore.
If required we can also supply with a symposer delete option as some high boost cars can have problems with boost leakage.
Please note when the Pro logo is selected, we will apply a Silver and Red logo to Black coolers and a Black and Red logo to Silver coolers
When a Black cooler is selected, a black cold side pipe will be supplied as standard.